Rockabilly Monkey- Yemisi Wilson

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Yemisi Wilson

Yemisi Wilson, born in London grew up in Stockholm and did her artstudies in Florence.

She lives in Stockholm and goes to Pietrasanta to carve her sculptures.
The animal looks at us and we are naked before its gaze and thinking perhaps begin there

”The quote in the headline is by Jacques Derrida it speaks to the compassion and empathy one experiences while looking at an animal eye-to-eye, and to the emotion one feels when seeing Yemisi Wilson’s art. She draws her subjects up close; capturing their essence; her depictions of animals in captivity are bold and intimate… The surfaces are often left rough… seemingly unfinished, this gives the drawings and sculpture an immediate dramatic power. Yemisi’s art is a stirring reminder of our interconnectedness”. Dimitri Radoyce, Art is Life.

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Skulptur i Carrara marmor


b40 d25 h47


fri frakt inom Sverige



36.000 kr ink.moms