Emma Lindström

Artist born in 1989. Lives and works in Gothenburg, Sweden.

”The major theme I’m pursuing in my work is energy. I’d like to somehow make visible the creative energy that operates in the unknown and unseen, but binds us all together. By letting go of any preconceptions and thought processes when I create, I allow myself to become a mediator of this life giving force. How it expresses itself in my work is however a very subjective matter. One viewer might see something resembling the universe as seen through a telescope, and another something that can be found in a lab, under a microscope. No matter what you see though, it’s more important what you feel. Because that feeling, I believe, is a response to the energy that radiates from the artwork, part of the same energy that flows through me when I create. What can be seen and felt in my artwork are ultimately just different expressions of the same thing, of the same creative energy, and it’s this connection I want to convey through my work.”

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