SÅLD Cidaris ljusblå – Kristin Larsson

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Kristin Larsson

"Kristin Larsson is a crafter with glass as her main material. She started working in a glass studio as a fifteen-year-old and she later took a vocational degree from Kosta glass school and she has worked as a glassblower in different studios in Denmark, USA and Austria. Kristin has a bachelor and a master degree in fine art from the ceramics and glass program at Konstfack in Stockholm. Kristin lives in Norrköping in Sweden and works from her studio in Gustavsberg outside of Stockholm.

A reoccurring method in her practice is to combine glass with different metals like copper, pewter and bronze. Her work is usually playful and experimental, and by exploring the properties of the materials in the hunt for new expressions, the craft traditions, which she finds are hierarchic and limiting, are challenged."

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Skulptur, glas och tenn.


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6.500 kr ink.moms