Betina Huber

”I spend time in nature as much I as can. Out there, in the middle of everything, my soul is filled up with joy, balance and inspiration. Nature, Biology, History and the multiverse around me – is always present in my work.
Art – is HOME for me. It´s a quiet, visual multiverse that makes my soul dance. I simply just LOVE to create – in any material. 
Once the process moves from idea to sketch, to a 3 dimensional form, I cut out my motive in several layers of tape, and I work my way down in the surface, with sandblasting. Its a magical technique and very exiting every time to see the final result.
I always seek to create a balance in each piece, as well as an interesting flow of movement on the surface. It´s fascinating to ”paint” on a 3 dimensional form, and see how the motive changes every time you move around it. Its like having 3 or 4 different paintings, in 1.
I enjoy to see my Artglass together with the work from other artists too. For me it´s important to collaborate and co-create with others. ”

22.000 kr ink.moms

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22.000 kr ink.moms