Isak Isaksson

”Swedish Isak Isaksson started working as a ceramist in the mid 1970s, gradually developing exceptional skill and a unique expression. His objects have been presented in numerous exhibitions in Sweden, Japan, Hong Kong and USA among other countries. Isaksson has a firm foothold in the ancient craftsmanship and the material clay, but his glazes are constantly evolving.”

Björn Bernström

”The subjects in Björn’s work have varied over the years:  from wildlife and landscapes to abandoned areas and run-down old barns.  American culture and music inspire Björn and his travels have generated works of cityscapes and apocalyptic urban subjects. Whatever the subject there is a search for light and the establishment of a mood.   Björn’s command of flowing water and the unique attributes of individual watercolor pigments combine to produce a distinctive style.  His paintings capture the viewer, offer something unexpected and are a pleasure to own.  –  Steve Balow (collector)”