Gunnar Larsson

”Gunnar Larsson (f.51) är född och uppvuxen på Hönö. I sitt skapande hämtar han inspiration från naturen och gestaltar ofta fiskar, hav, öar, snäckor och klippor. Genom att experimentera med blandningar och bränningar får han fram ett levande och spännande material.”

Louise Villa

”Thoughts about art

I think of art as a way of communicating with oneself.

An artwork leads the viewer to his/her own deep intuitive self. To expirience art we spontaneoulsy reach inside ourselves.

To look at the surface is just not enough, even though it may be compelling with its colors, contrasts et cetera. It is what happens inside us, as viewers, that is of real interest.

When we expirience art that resonates with our own history and experience, we feel uplifted, touched, stirred and/or provoked. Yes, all emotions, sadness, grief, envy, anger etc.

I believe it is those emotions and memorys that actually gets to us, not the art in it self. I would like to say that art (all artforms) are mirrors that relects our own self. 

In my work I seek for beauty, truth, pupose and curiosity. I would like to hold up mirrors where we can see these qualities in us, without denying the opposite sides.

I mean to explore the other sides of life as well but it just

hasn´t happened yet despite my intetions so far. I long to work with loss, decay, dirt, despair, loneliness. So I guess it will happen eventually.”