Marlou Jaspers

”I take inspiration from everything around me really, as cliche as that might sound. Every new place I get to experience, meeting with a person, things I am explained or get to witness with my own eyes, all build up to the knowledge I use in my art. My biggest source of inspiration I would summarize it with ”nature and people”. The natural versus the man-made. The relation they have to each other and themselves, and how the consequences of the changes we’re creating and facing affects all of us. I do this mostly by portraying animals, often marine animals, and people, in different surreal underwater environments.”

Micke Johansson

”Glasblåsarmästare Micke Johansson driver sedan 2011 sin egen glashytta hemma på gården utanför Örsjö, mitt i det Småländska glasriket. Här kan du se Micke blåsa allt från imponerande graalpjäser och skulpturer till enklare skålar. Micke Johansson är en av få blåsande glaskonstnärer i Sverige och tillverkar allt sitt glas på fri hand med stor yrkesskicklighet.”