”Peter is a self-taught, exciting and talented artist and with over 50 exhibitions around Sweden and abroad he is one of the top leading artists in Sweden.

Several celebrities around the world have noted his art. Bruce Springsteen, Sean Connery, Phil Collins, Danny Trejo and Toni Robbins only to name a few.

He has also been seen in FOX NEWS, ABC NEWS, HERALD, NBC, CBS NEWS, Connoisseur Magazine, Artness Contemporary, Art Habens and many other news sites, not to mention numerous articles and interviews.

Peter Eugén’s paintings give us the privilege of immersing ourselves in other people’s emotional life. As Peter gets farther into the portrait painting of his models, his interest for the movements, expression and the small details of the characters are evoked.

By doing so he has made many personal studies of our contemporary icons.

In his expressive art, he picks out the characteristics that we consider to be associated with the individual’s personality or attributes. Thereby he creates an imaginative reflection of empathy and passion in his paintings.

Peter Eugén Nilsson was born in 1978 and raised in Sundsvall. Since 2007 he is resident and active in Stockholm. He started his artistry as a landscape painter, but after moving to Stockholm, he focused more and more on the portrait painting and converted to the so called Pop Art in 2008.

Peter´s art is mainly about two important points in inspiration which always goes apart but at the same time complements each other, namely the city ​​and countryside.

Peter is the artist who constantly realizes his views of strong characters and personalities both in an imaginative way, but also in some cases in a tough, fair and realistic view. However this is always done with a lot of empathy and warmth by the artist. By using his special talent he puts his own style and feelings into the motives.

In 2014 he tested watercolor painting for the first time and got stuck. From there on he has quickly become one of Sweden’s most popular watercolor painters and Peter now combines watercolor painting with the pop art, and this mix of two different arts can now be seen in many of his exhibitions. His watercolors are highly sought after and give a wonderful, dramatic and beautiful expression of his growing up in the Nordic landscapes.

Waterlily paintings have become Peter´s hallmark. These paintings are very popular in the Swedish auction houses and have gained a lot of attraction by Sweden’s largest auction companies and galleries. ”



”Pontus är en skulptör av sin tid och vill med sin konst lyfta fram den traditionella statyn i den moderna kulturen. Några av hans verk har ingått i Avesta Art 2011, i en kontext som på ett utmärkt sätt lyfter fram och accentuerar hans formspråk. Pontus monumentala statyer, ofta i stål, är inspirerade av maskiner, science fiction, leksaker och dataspel. De gigantiska verken skapar avtryck, som är svåra att värja sig emot. Med lekfullhet och samtidigt en viss aggressivitet tar verken plats, som en markering av den kultur som utgör ungas referenser i dag, multimedievärlden. Samtidigt som de gestaltar vår samtid pekar de in i den framtid vi ännu bara kan fantisera om.”

– Citat från Dalarnas Kulturstipendium